Vitane Irovit Spansule Capsules 30's

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  • Vitane Irovit Cap provides the benefits of Iron and Folic acid.
  • Irovit capsule is made using German Technology and delivers Iron at the right site and at the right time interval.
  • Irovit capsule is designed in such a way that it prevents the release of iron in the stomach and thus prevents gastric side effects.
  • Irovit ensures maximum absorption by releasing it at the site of its absorption and thus ensures better bioavailability.
  • The gelatin used in the manufacturing of capsules and soft gels has been derived from a Bovine (Cow) HALAL animal source and the product is also free from any TSE/BSE sources.
  • All Vitane Products Containing gelatin and other ingredients from an animal source do NOT contain any Porcine (Pig) source.
  • Provides the benefit of Iron and Folic acid
  • Maximum absorption
  • Ensures better bioavailability
  • Time-released Iron delivery system
  • Treatment of Iron deficiency anemia
  • Combats poor oxygen transport
  • Supports fetal development
  • Improved gastric tolerance
  • Use as directed by the physician
  • Suggested adult dosage: One Irovit Spansule capsule to be taken daily during pregnancy, after the main meal.
  • (Some pregnant patients may need a higher prophylactic dose of Iron because of dietary or other factors).

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