KIN Toothbrush Junior

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  • KIN Junior toothbrush features a smaller, triangular brush head to reach hard-to-reach areas. Both brushes come with a protective cap.
  • For children aged 6-12 years Introduce them to the important habit of brushing their teeth. Its small, rounded brush head does not damage tooth enamel or gums.
  • Perfect for daily oral hygiene for children between 2 and 12 years old.
  • The handle is ergonomic and practical for ease of use and the filaments care for tooth enamel and gums.
  • Brush your teeth with a toothbrush soft for 2-3 minutes at least 3 times a day, preferably after every meal, after eating sweets, and before going to bed.
  • Complement your oral hygiene routine with Mouthwashfor healthier teeth.

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