Kin Dental Floss

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  • Kin Dental Floss allows for maximum oral hygiene, by cleaning the interdental spaces.

  • Its regular use allows for the prevention of gingivitis and caries, associated with the accumulation of bacterial plaque in the spaces between the gum and the tooth.

  • Its mild mint aroma allows for intense freshness in the mouth.

  • Its silk composition provides greater softness, without damaging the gums and the wax facilitates the easy sliding of the floss in the interdental space.

  • Cut with the applicator between 45-50 cm of dental floss and roll up the ends between the ring fingers of each hand, leaving about 10 cm .
  • Introduce the floss in each of the interdental spaces, exerting a slight pressure and making a movement from the inside to the outside.
  • Perform once or twice a day, after brushing and before using the mouthwash.

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