Kabrita 1 Goat Milk Formula 800 g

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  • Kabrita1 is infant milk based on Dutch goat milk and can be used from birth onwards.
  • Kabrita 1 is enriched with all the necessary nutrients for your baby.
  • It contains GOS and FOS fibers and the unsaturated fatty acids DHA and AA.
  • Infant formula based on goat milk
  • Enriched with unique DigestX
  • With FOS and GOS, prebiotic fibers
  • With good fatty acids DHA and AA
  • Made from high-quality goat milk.
  • It is enriched with all required vitamins, minerals, and carefully selected ingredients to ensure that your baby gets all the nutrients that he or she needs.
  • Please make sure to first consult your physician or nutritionist, if you are thinking about using Kabrita 1 Infant formula as a replacement for breastfeeding.

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