Himalaya Cystone Tablets 60's

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  • Himalaya Cystone Tablets For urinary tract infection
  • Herbal mineral product
  • Round standard convex transparent film-coated tablets
  • Alleviate symptoms of painful and burning micturition
  • Cystone prevents supersaturation of lithogenic substances, controls oxamide absorption from the intestine (a substance that precipitates stone formation), and corrects the crystalloid-colloid imbalance.
  • Cystone causes disintegration of the calculi and the crystals by acting on the mucin, which binds the particles together.
  • Its antimicrobial activity is beneficial in the prevention of urinary tract infections associated with urinary stones and crystalluria.
  • Used in arthritic conditions, gout (due to its uricosuric action)
  • Useful in kidney dysfunction secondary to nephritis
  • Use as directed.

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