Ego Moov Head Lice Shampoo 200ml

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  • Ego Moov Head Lice Shampoo is clinically proven to kill head lice.
  • There's no need to shampoo hair after treatment with this head lice treatment shampoo.
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Dual-action kills head lice and cleans hair
  • Reusable shower cap included
  • Easy to use head lice treatment
  • Gentle foaming action leaving the hair soft and smooth
  • Clinically proven to kill head lice
  • Use on dry hair.
  • Cover eyes with a towel. Divide hair into segments.
  • Apply product behind the ears and to the nape of the neck first.
  • Then apply to the remaining hair and scalp. Apply sufficient product to ensure hair and scalp are thoroughly wet.
  • Place shower cap on the head, ensuring all hair including the ears and the nape of the neck is covered by the cap.
  • Leave on hair for 15 minutes.
  • Remove cap, rinse hair, and condition as normal.
  • Rinse shower cap for reuse.
  • These steps need to be repeated 7 and 14 days after initial treatment.
  • This is important to effectively break the head lice life cycle.

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