Curasept Anti Discoloration System 220 Mouthwash 200ml

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    • Curasept Mouthwash is a chlorhexidine mouthwash without any of the known side effects of traditional Chlorhexidine mouthwashes.
    • The Curasept ADS range minimizes staining with its clinically proven special Anti-Discolouration System.
    • Indicate Intensive protection
    • Anti discoloration system
    • No painful irritation of the oral mucosa
    • No Alcohol and sugar-free
    • No painful irritation of the oral mucosa
    • Chlorhexidine is used in dental medicine to inhibit the growth of bacteria
    • It has a long-term effect to fight against bacterial plaque
    • Rinse twice daily with 10 mL for 60 seconds.
    • Use for 7 to 14 days or as indicated by your dental professional.

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