Curasept ADS Soothing Oral Rinse 200 ml

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    • Curasept ADS Soothing Mouthwash is particularly indicated when a rapid anti-plaque action should be combined with a relief of irritative symptoms involving the oral and gingival mucosa that may also be the consequence of dental treatments.
    • The absence of alcohol that avoids irritant and painful effects, and the presence of the A.D.S  system that reduces the incidence of possible teeth pigmentations, ensure optimum product acceptability.
    • 0.2% chlorhexidine + chlorobutanol
    • Soothing mouth rinse
    • Anti Discoloration System
    • Helps reduce the symptoms of oral mucosal irritation
    • Exerts a rapid and effective anti-plaque action thanks to 0.2 % chlorhexidine
    • Keeps your gums healthy and safe
    • Rinse for about one minute with a spoonful of the undiluted product (10ml)
    • Repeat the rinse procedure twice daily, in the morning and in the evening after the main meals.
    • Use the product preferably after a regular oral hygiene routine.
    • In order to make ADS more effective, it is recommended not to smoke, and reduce as much as possible the intake of pigmenting food and drinks (coffee, tea, etc.) for at least one hour after treatment
    • Continue with the applications for about fifteen days. Contact your dental professional, if longer treatment is required

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